NOVICA Good Fortune Woven Wristband Bracelets with Coins and Wooden Beads 'Coins of Passion' (pair)

Coins of Passion

Good Fortune Wristband Bracelets (Pair)

Product ID: 155055


Thai designer Tiraphan Hasub conjures mystical elegance with the design of these crocheted bracelets. She works with brass replicas of the legendary Chinese coin, believed to bring wealth and success according to Feng Shui practices. The bracelet's colorful threads are centered by red, the color of passion. Hasub includes rain tree wood and glass beads for the bracelets' clasps.

  • 0.71 oz
  • Maximum length: 7" L x 0.8" W
  • Minimum length: 6" L x 0.8" W
  • Brass, rain tree wood and glass beads on waxed nylon threads
  • Toggle clasp
  • Made in Thailand.

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